Rake & Toke Steel Lock Bo  (Sheild not included) Chips pulled from pots will drop through the slide drop into the lock box. This item offers two sets of keys.The first set of keys unlocks the lock box from the outer shield. The outer shield is the steel cover that is attached to the underside of the poker table and holds the lock box securely. The second set of keys unlocks the side door of the lock box which holds the poker chips that have been dropped from the table. This process is similar to a Casino floor. Typically you would have a security guard relieve the lock box from the poker table and deliver the box and its contents to the count room. In the count room, a separate employee would count the contents. This increases security to have separate employees perform these functions. This is not necessary for your game to act in this manner, but is a great benefit to have two separate keys that remove it from the table & opens the lock box. 18 Pounds of solid steel. This lock box is a large size to insure tons of storage space. This item measures at: 12" x 6" x 8.25" This item also features a sturdy handle to ensure that the extra weight from the spacious interior is easily and safely transported away from the table. The slide rake drop (sold separately) mounts to the top of your poker table. The shield mounts to the underside of your poker table. The lock box locks directly into the shield. Chips fall through the slide rake drop, through a hole in your poker table, through the hole in the shield, and finally into the lock box. The first set of keys releases the lock from the box from the shield. During the release, the lock box hole closes to ensure against tampering. The second set of keys opens the lock box and the chips can be removed.