Serious poker players know that having premium, quality materials makes for a better feeling game. You may have nice cards and chips, but having a luxurious accessory like this Crystal Dealer Button bring your games to the next level. This button, or buck, is similar to ones you’d find in the most prestigious casinos and professional poker arenas. It features a 3 inch diameter and ¾ inch thickness for a sturdy, powerful presence on your table. The gold lettering against it’s glossy dark base is etched, not printed, for a classy look that’s sure to be eye catching and memorable. You certainly won’t forget who’s dealing the cards when this bad boy is on the table!

Dealer buttons are considered an essential tradition in the game of poker. They were made in the 19th century to stop dealers from cheating and to make it easier to know whose turn it is to deal. It’s an ideal gift for poker aficionados, gambling enthusiasts, and hobbyists looking to add a casino-grade touch to their games at home. This buck is also perfect for casino use!

  • If you want to bring a premium poker experience to your home, having this Crystal Dealer Button is an absolute must
  • This is a similar button to what you’d find at the best casinos in Las Vegas
  • The heft and feel of the button is similar to a hockey puck. It adds significance and pomp to your deals
  • Puck features a 3 inch diameter as well as a ¾ inch thickness for a large and in charge presence
  • Sturdy, molded acrylic with golden lettering and shiny black finish