Texas Poker Supply has been producing quality, custom poker tables and custom gaming tables since 2004.
A fully, custom designed table that starts from your imagination and is designed by YOU. We have hand crafted tables for casinos, celebrities, professional athletes, and for our amazing clients from all over the world.

We source only the finest materials to create a custom poker or gaming table that is truly one of a kind.

Let us guide you in creating the gaming table suited to your space,  your game, and your needs.

Come by our store, in Austin, to see examples of tables and material options.

1) What makes Texas Poker Supply’s custom poker tables better or different?
Design and Precision.
We seperate ourselves by implenting your, truly custom, design and being able to execute it,  with precision. Most “custom” table builders only offer you a choice of felt and vinyl colors and dont let you change much of anything else.
With us, anything is possible.
No jigsaws and home garages here. We have a state of the art woodshop where we use a CNC (Computer guided) machine to precisely cut out your personally designed custom poker table.

We take zero shortcuts and you can see it in the end product.

2) What’s the standard size of a poker table?
We have built a 28″ X 36″ poker table, that went into a tailgate bus, and as big as a 48″ X 120″ giant table. We offer complete customization on every aspect of the table, including size. So we don’t have a standard, but we sell mostly 8ft long and  44″-48″ wide custom poker tables.

3) Can you customize the felt? Lights? Custom Bases? Unique ideas?
You bet!

4) Can you ship?

5) What is Texas Poker Supply’s custom poker  and gaming table building process?

You let us know your poker table must haves are, via email (Sales@TxPokerSupply.com) or coming into our store (MAP).
Once all options have been finalized, a proposal is sent, then a 50% deposit is paid.

A detailed mock up of the table is emailed to the customer for one last stamp of approval.
At this point, we build the blueprint of your custom designed poker table into a CAD drawing. Once we have transfered the CAD drawing to our CNC machine. The sheets of wood are loaded. (See the 30 second, silent video below)
Having a CNC (computer aided) machine is what seperates us from the competition.  It allows us to to make precise cuts, using exact measurements,  for a better overall look and finish.

After the table has been cut, it’s time to sand everything down and start upholstering. After all the components are upholstered, stained and polyurethaned,  we bolt everything together and present you with your new fully customized, beautiful custom gaming table, that you designed.

Lets start talking. Give us a call! 512-836-8365


5 ft Round Alligator Vinyl Custom Poker Table

Unique Square Silver Metal Aluminum Gray Custom Poker Table